About us

The AVIB currently has 180 members. It offers you “quarterly information” by post or e-mail with information about community, urbanization and association.

Our members also enjoy shopping privileges with a membership card, or can participate in organized wine tasting and traveling.

Other member activities include the computer club, cooking classes and more.
The monthly AVIB meetings take place every last Thursday of the month (except August and December). They provide information about the urbanization and the community and promote the exchange of experiences and socializing.

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our mission


Promoting the multicultural community in Benitachell “and the Cumbre environment


Sharing experiences around life in Benitachell

Exchange of interests

Exchange of interests and information between the owners, the municipal authorities and VAPF


Mediation of shopping tips, fair craftsmen etc.


Promoting socializing and bringing together members with similar hobbies and interests


for Wine tastings, community shopping.

Members of the Board


Dirk Rheindorf
Benitachell, Calle pou 18

Tel. +34 60 832 15 39


Bongo (Hans-Ulrich) Stauffacher
Cumbre del Sol, Dalias 71

+34 69 385 31 67


Edgar Mittler
Cumbre del Sol, B – 24

Tel.: +49 176 41245707


Pierre Olaf Ramminger
La Cumbre del Sol, G 91

Tel. +49 1709685400

Member support

Fritz Kasper
La Cumbre del Sol, K 107

Phone +49 172 5966378

Leisure and events

Thomas Stern
panorama 183

Phone +49 179 6209019

IT and corporate identity

Bongo (Hans-Ulrich) Stauffacher
Cumbre del Sol, Dalias 71

+34 69 385 31 67



our history

On April 11, 2000, the AVIB was founded under the name “Benitachell International Neighborhood Association”. At that time, a comunidad was imposed on all homeowners of the Cumbres for years in which all had to make contributions to VAPF depending on the size of their property.

We resisted a comunidad which:
  • misinformed their members
  • works with illegal statutes
  • held general meetings that were unlawful
  • requested from members services that the VAPF or the community should provide
  • Debt made, for which the members had to adhere
The goals of AVIB were:
  • no patronage of the owners by the Communidad VAPF
  • the urbanization should be taken over by the community
  • clear conditions and transparency of finances and services
We got right:

To achieve this, we received legal assistance from attorney Francisco Ramón Martí. He was well-known through many publications on the subject of urbanization and was also active as a legal representative and administrator of urbanisations and thus very familiar with the matter. Through his help, a lawsuit against a Comunidad in Alicante has already been won.


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