Dear Members,

The Paisajes del Jiloca Association has started a project to stop the abandonment and loss of the vineyards in the Jiloca region.
Out of concern and love for their environment, a group of neighbours from the Daroca area have formed an association to promote the restoration of the vineyards in the Jiloca Valley.

Paisajes del Jiloca was founded with the aim of stopping the abandonment and loss of old vines and to create a stock of plots threatened with disappearance and put them into production. It is not forgotten that this initiative can help to bind the population and prevent the loss of part of the economic, social and cultural heritage of the area linked to viticulture.

In recent years, the Jiloca Valley has lost more than 300 hectares of vineyards due to the advanced age of farmers, the lack of generational change, massive clearing at the beginning of the 21st century and mistakes made in marketing and processing the product.

Support this initiative with your sponsorship for only €50. Thank you very much.
Our member Lorenzo Gimeno knows and actively supports this project.

Here is the link to the sponsorship registration

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