Dear members,

Information about the monthly meeting on October 31
This meeting was the most labor intensive since AVIB was founded. As you all know, the community asked us to vacate the kitchen in the multi-purpose building. So all the dishes had to be transported back and forth from the storage room at Lutz and then washed off. Around 40 members registered for the meal after the meeting. Around 70 members attended the meeting, chairs were available for 58!
Willi organized an additional table set and Dieter chairs from the Bomberos.

Information about the monthly meeting on November 28th
Around 40 members attended the first AVIB meeting in Montevideo and around 30 stayed there for dinner.
It was a very cozy evening!

The AVIB board wishes you and your families a relaxing holiday and a happy new year 2020

In addition to our holiday greetings, here is a short information about our Christmas donation, which we have very consciously reoriented this year.
We have donated 500 € to MABS Cancer Aid and another 500 € to ASPANION (help for children with cancer and their parents).

The next AVIB monthly meeting will take place on January 30, 2020, 6.30 p.m. at Dirk in Montevideo, Benitachell.

You can find the minutes of the monthly meetings in the member area under “Minutes, documents and recipes”