Dear travelers interested in our Galicia trip,
we have agreed in the AVIB board and with GandiaTours and will – despite our fingers being crossed – postpone this trip by one year.
Unfortunately, the further development of the pandemic, the opening policy of the Spanish autonomous communities and the European states cannot be estimated.
The current vaccination situation and discussions about the introduction of an “EU vaccination passport” have also contributed to the postponement by one year. Due to the respective ages of our tour participants, a vaccination passport may mean that the minimum number of 20 participants would no longer be reached if we were to postpone the tour by only four months to September 2021, for example.

We hope that we will have reached “safe territory” again in May next year, that all participants of our Galicia trip will be vaccinated and that already the bus trip – probably without masks – will be an experience.
I will again sound out the situation with GandiaTours at the beginning of November 2021 and contact you by the end of November at the latest about the concrete travel dates in May 2022.
We ask for your understanding and hope that we will be spared a “third wave”.

Saludos cordiales and stay healthy!

Your Stefan Quel

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