New Covid19 rules : Overview of important rules and regulations of the Comunidad Valenciana

Information of 11 November (extract from Calpino):

The President of the Autonomous Community, Mr Ximo Puig, today announced that the corona restrictions currently in force, such as

the night-time curfew, the closure of the borders of the Comunidad Valenciana and the ban on meetings of more than 6 people will continue until 9 December. Mr Puig also said that no further measures are currently planned by his government. Quoting verbatim from an interview with Tele 5, he said: “We will continue the roadmap until 9 December, as long as the pandemic does not lead to an acceleration of hospital admissions, which would lead us to reconsider the situation”.

As was announced today, from 23 November, Spain will require travellers coming from so-called risk countries to undergo a PCR test. At present, all European countries except Finland are considered to be risk countries. ( Countries/regions where there are more than 50 newly infected persons per 100,000 inhabitants in the last seven days are considered to be at risk

The test may not be more than 72 hours old when you enter the country. The previous corona controls, such as temperature and visual checks of the persons entering the country, remain unaffected. The health form, which must be filled out on this website before entry, will be supplemented by a corresponding question regarding the presence of a PCR test. The test certificate must be carried along in the original – in Spanish or English – in paper form or electronically. For European Union countries and Schengen associated countries, the definition of the so-called “risk areas” concerned corresponds to the criteria laid down in the EU Recommendation 2020/1475. travel agencies or

tour operators, air or sea carriers and any other company or agency marketing tickets must inform their passengers of this obligation when booking.

Breaches of this regulation could be punishable by fines of up to €6000.

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